Power 6

Women's Power 6 - Lightweight & High Performance Walking Shoes for Running Recovery

The Power 6 Series of shoes has the 32 bars in the MoveFrameTM, but each bar is hollowed out to save weight. It contains more motion control than the Power 5 Series, but not as much as the Power 4 series. It provides a plastic shank under the heel for additional support, but the shank does not extend to the ball of the foot for added flexibility.  The Power 6 is our lowest profile (closest to the ground) shoe.  It is the lightest weight shoe in the Power series. The Power 6 shoes for women have a mesh upper which fits like a dream!  The lightweight, flexible design adapts well to most foot types, from narrow feet to people with bunions!
The Power 6 Series is our best “running recovery” shoe.  Competitive runners wear this recovery shoe instead of their running shoes when they are NOT running for 2 reasons:
1.  Wearing our walking shoe when they are not running allows their feet and joints to ‘recover’ from the impact of running.
2.  It saves the very finite life of their running shoes from logging superfluous miles when they are not running.
Professional Ironman Triathlete, Elizabeth Lyles, endorses the Power 6 as her ‘Running Recovery’ shoe. The lightweight Power 6 series is most popular with smaller body types, under five and half feet tall and under 150 pounds.