What is Athletic WALKING?

You are usually walking at a speed of approximately three and a half to five miles an hour.
At this speed, by pumping your arms vigorously as you stride, you’ll engage most major muscle groups. As a result, the exercise effect of athletic walking can be even greater than running with less physical stress on your body.

Because most people can walk at any age in almost any environment, starting a sports walking exercise program is easy. Almost anyone at any fitness level can walk for exercise, but we recommend taking about 30 minutes a day over a three-month period at a progressively faster face to adequately prepare for sports walking.

Technique is important with athletic walking. Keep your back as straight as possible, your abdominal muscles tight and your arms bent at a 90-degree angle, moving rhythmically back and forth.

With proper form and proper sports walking shoes, you should notice your fitness level increasing, your stride lengthening and your pace quickening over time.

Although walking is gentler on your body than most forms of exercise, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor before starting a rigorous sports walking program. As with any exercise routine, you generally will be better served by walking early in the morning or prior to dinner.

Athletic walking has many benefits including reducing body fat, strengthening your cardiovascular system and increasing bone density. As an added benefit, when you walk briskly for an extended period of time, your brain chemistry changes. Your mood changes. You get happy.

The equipment for sports walking is simple: clothing appropriate for the weather and a pair of athletic walking shoes. Not running shoes.. walking shoes specifically designed for the activity.

The difference between Prospecs athletic walking shoes and running shoes from all other brands is dramatic.

It all begins in the heel.

The Perfect Walking Shoe

Dan White and Bonnie Meyers of Prospecs at Austin, Texas running event discussing the technology, features and benefits of Prospecs shoes.


Prospecs Move Frame technology helps keep your body balanced, encouraging proper walking form and technique