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History of Prospecs Walking Shoes

Brand Concept

PROSPECS promotes the vision of “The Most Valuable Sports Life Partner.” There are two things here that differentiate PROSPECS from other sports brands as well as our commitment to our consumers.

Our first slogan is “Sports Life Partner”, showing PROSPECS’s wish to become a companion for life sports. This goes beyond the values such as “competition” and “victory”, cherished by other sports brands. What PROSPECS seeks are values such as “health”, “freedom” and “achievement” that we can get from life sports such as walking and running as our partner life.

The other one is “The Most Valuable”, showing our commitment to become very valuable to our consumers. This stresses PROSPECS’s will to provide the right products for life sports with practical functions at affordable prices. PROSPECS will continue developing practical and adequate technologies for enhanced exercise effects rather than focusing on fancy decorations and designs for our products. PROSPECS believes that this can invite many people to the world or running and walking and enjoy them as life sports.

Through these efforts, PROSPECS will continue to strive to become a friendly partner for consumers to be happy, enjoying their lives.


PROSPECS launched its walking shoe brand PROSPECS W in 2009. A huge success from the very start, PROSPECS W helped the company emerge as Korea’s top sports brand.

PROSPECS W, which is being marketed under the slogan of sports walking footwear instead of running footwear now, was designed based on a scientific analysis of running and walking footwear that compared the two types of footwear in terms of motor mechanisms, differences in key motions, shock level and pressure. Based on this research, the specific functions needed for walking were applied.

PROSPECS continues to develop new products tailored to diverse customer needs, which has helped solidify its dominant market position as Korea’s Top walking shoes brand.