Power 5

Men's Power 5 - Enhanced Shock Absorbing Walking Shoes Without the Need for Maximum Stability

The Power 5 Series is designed for men power walkers with a straight gait (minimal over pronation or supination).  The Power 5 walking shoe has 18 bars in the Move Frame T and no plastic shank directly under the foot.  This allows for more flexible motion control.   The midsole of these men's athletic walking shoes have a lower base profile countered by additional "Flubber 360" (the patented yellow material in the shoe's midsole), ultimately providing even more cushion than the Power 4 series of walking shoes. The sole pattern on this shoe is designed for forward momentum, with a sleeker shape and less grippy tread. It is ideal for the forward motion of power walking.  The Power 5 sports walking shoe fits narrower to average width feet.
This power walking shoe is popular with men wanting a lighter weight shoe than the Power 4 series and less height in the midsole.   They prefer more flexible motion control, but still appreciate the support of Prospecs walking shoes. We have many customers (including personal trainers and their clients) that use this shoe in the gym as well as walking outside on walking paths. It is a very efficient power walking shoe.

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