Power 4

Power 4 - Prospecs Most Effective & Efficient Men's Sport Walking Shoe

The Power 4 Series is 'the best all-around men's walking shoe.' The Power 4 men's athletic walking shoes have the most amount of cushion, stability and motion control - that which keeps the foot secure on the shoe, as well as stable and balanced. It has "32 Bars" built into the MoveFrame ™. The bars are little finger-like pieces that hold your foot securely onto the shoe. The Power 4 series MoveFrame ™ also has a solid piece under the foot, all the way to where the toes meet the ball of the feet. This creates a bit of a "shank" in the shoe, allowing for more support and protection under the foot. The Power 4 men's walking shoe also has a nice "grip" pattern on the outsole, making it good for everything from outdoor trail hiking and power walking to golf!
This athletic walking shoe is popular with serious long distance Power Walkers as well as men standing on their feet all day, like retail workers, nurses and airline ticket counter personnel.