PROSPECS Power Walk shoes are designed for fitness walking and "Living on Your Feet."

Running and walking have very different strides and thus different shoe requirements. When walking, the first impact is on the heel. PROSPECS builds walking shoes with a firm heel cup (unlike running shoes) to keep the foot aligned from that first impact. When walking, the foot is on the ground longer during every stride than in running. PROSPECS' patented MoveFrame TM Technology holds and supports the foot to keep it from pronating and supinating, keeping the foot and joints balanced and properly aligned. When walking, the impact on joints is merely the body's weight, while running has an impact of three times the body's weight. Running shoes are primarily focused on absorbing the shock of that impact. They are not designed for the need of motion control in the foot or a steady platform.

Wear running shoes while you run! For the other times in your day, wear PROSPECS shoes! 
This allows your feet and joints to recover from the impact of running, and it also extends the finite life of your running shoes. Wear bike shoes when you're on your bicycle, and basketball shoes when playing basketball, and runing shoes when you run. 

When you are walking and standing on your feet, wear PROSPECS shoes!